Brand & Marketing Communications

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Our approach

We believe in communication-led design, not design-led communication and therefore start by understanding your brand and helping to define your organisational, brand, marketing and communications objectives.

We will then use our proven BrandRAP process to develop the strategies needed to achieve them:

Organisational strategy – where you are, where you need to be

  • Developing an organisational strategy requires defining where we are now, where we want to be, and then planning how we get there
  • Current needs should be assessed before goals and objectives can be defined
  • Organisations usually outline their goals and objectives in their business plans
  • Organisations evolve over time to meet their objectives

Brand strategy - a brand is more than a logo…

  • Your brand is one of your most important assets
  • Your brand captures all the perceptions, feelings and thoughts that stakeholders have about you
  • We use our proven BrandRAP process to research, analyse and plan the creation or development of a brand
  • We create a truly compelling and unique positioning that focusses on your strengths and distinguishes you from other organizations

Marketing strategy - the needs of every organisation are different…

  • We develop campaigns to achieve your aims and objectives
  • The insight provided by our BrandRAP process enables us to plan and implement marketing communication plans to meet your specific objectives
  • Marketing is more than just advertising – we will create unique and compelling messaging so that your stakeholders understand and support your brand positioning

Communications strategy - the most effective things to say and do…

  • We communicate your brand in the best possible way
  • We develop the key messaging for all your marketing materials
  • We set the tone-of-voice used in all your communications
  • We create/evolve your logo and can create a compelling new strapline
  • Our writing skills will help to differentiate you from your competitors in the minds of stakeholders
  • We can create a crisis management plan to guide you on how to respond to a critical incident

PR strategy - PR equals reputation…

  • PR can be vital to the future success of your organisation
  • PR can improve your reputation by informing stakeholders that you are a credible organisation
  • PR can motivate stakeholders to support you
  • PR can be effective in promoting your tactical campaigns
  • We can help you develop a comprehensive strategy to raise awareness of what you do in the local community – and increase the likelihood of receiving good press coverage

Creative strategy – Saying the right things in the right way…

  • By focusing on strategy, we can deliver communication-driven design rather than design-led communication
  • We ensure that your brand is visually relevant – not design for design’s sake
  • We will communicate your brand consistently at every ‘touch-point’