Brand & Marketing Communications

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We believe that: Communication - driven design, not design - driven communication, makes brand communications more effective.

Brand development is the process of creating distinctive and lasting perceptions in the minds of stakeholders. A brand is a unique identity combined with associations of personality, quality, origin and preference.

BrandRAP is our proven process for developing a solid foundation for all Brand and Marketing Communications. We use this to create strong, distinctive, consistent and effective brands with clear positioning and key messages that can be applied to all future marketing communications materials.

Marketing communications planning will help ensure your organisation achieves its objectives and delivers a clear return on its marketing investment.
Benefits include:
  • Memorability
    Your brand will reflect your reputation and goodwill.
  • Loyalty If stakeholders have a positive experience with your organisation, they are more likely to recommend you to others.
  • Familiarity
    Psychologists have proven that familiarity can improve support.
  • Professional image
    Your brand can elevate your service offering from that of your competitors.
  • Brand extensions
    With a well-established brand, you can spread the respect you've earned to a related new service.
  • Lower marketing expenses
    Although you must invest to create or develop a brand, once established, your reputation can be maintained in a much more cost-effective and consistent manner.
  • Reassurance
    When stakeholders become familiar with the aims and objectives of your organisation, they will be confident about the performance and efficacy of the organisation.